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Marine Conservation Society 


Jane Goodall Institute UK 


Swansea University 


Norwich Science Festival


Youth STEMM Award


The Ecologist 

The Marine Conservation Society

Lizzie has now been a proud Ocean Ambassador for the Marine Conservation Society for two years. 


"After spending a lot of time closely watching the ocean I have developed a deep respect for it, however I also realise that I will never fully understand the ocean’s mysteries and the extraordinary wildlife that inhabits it. This mystery only intensifies my curiosity and enthusiasm to protect it. I feel very proud to be an Ocean Ambassador as I know what a difference the Marine Conservation Society make in helping protect our oceans. As the lifeblood of the earth and an ecosystem we rely so heavily on, it’s time we take care for what’s ours! "

Academic Teaching & Outreach Fellow 

Swansea University 

As of December 2018 Lizzie became a proud Academic Teaching and Outreach Fellow at Swansea University. 


"This is so exciting for me as a biologist and science broadcaster. It's so important for Universities and science broadcasters to bridge that gap so we can reach wider audiences about science and the natural world, the conservation issues our planet is facing and how we manage our relationship with wildlife for the future. If you follow my stuff then you will know how much I love Wales’ 870 mile long wild coastline so it is a true honour to be teaching in a place close to my heart."