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Silent Slaughter

Lizzie led an undercover project to highlight to secret shooting of seals in Scotland and in the UK. After two years Lizzie and the production team managed to capture the reality on camera. To support #SilentSlaughter then please share this video across social media to help spread the word and raise awareness of this important conservation issue. 

Salmon Farming : Noisy world

In uncovering stories around salmon farming you will see that porpoises, dolphins and whales are being driven from feeding grounds and can be deafened by Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADDs) used by salmon farms.  These mammals echolocate to find food, and if deafened will starve. Please do support this campaign by clicking below and signing the petition. 


Wale's Little Amazon Rainforest

I’m proud of our little welsh Amazon rainforest! Are you?

Unfortunately our local patch, the Gwent Levels, is a landscape under threat from a new motorway that is being proposed to be built through this crucial habitat rich in biodiversity. So here are 5 reasons to save the Gwent Levels! In addition to that there are more than 144 threatened species that call this place home. To support please share this video using the hashtag #NoNewM4.

Support the Gwent Wildlife Trust by writing the Wales First Minister 

Or support the case here

with the Marine Conservation Society 

Please support the Marine Conservation Society and help #STOPThePlasticTide. Ocean plastic is killing over 100,000 marine animals annually - let’s stop this happening. You can donate to their campaign or learn more about how you can reduce your plastic footprint below. Click on the link to donate https://www.mcsuk.org/donate/stopappeal  or to learn more www.mcsuk.org/explore-and-discover/our-blue-planet