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Save Bristol Bay in Alaska ❌🐻

Donald Trump is proposing a Pebble Mine which would destroy vital wild salmon runs, habitats and community livelihoods....

It is simple. Pebble cannot operate safely alongside clean water and wild salmon in Bristol Bay. Below are some strong reasons to say no to the pebble mine and help @savebristolbay

❌The Pebble Mine would irrevocably damage Bristol Bay’s salmon runs, clean water, and wild landscape. .

❌An open pit mine over 1,750 feet deep and over a mile wide & long will be located in one of the largest sockeye salmon run las in the world. .

❌6.4 miles of wetlands will be dug up or filled in for the building of this mine..

❌Billions of gallons of waste water would be discharged each year into the headwaters of the two biggest rivers systems in Bristol Bay

❌The decimation of wild salmon populations would be devastating for thousands of people’s livelihoods. .

❌Nearly one million acres of prime wildlife and salmon habitat surrounding to the proposed Pebble mine site could be opened to new mining claims.

Bristol Bay is one of the world’s most productive wild salmon strongholds. Please. Wherever you are in the world recognise that we have a global responsibility to stand up for our wildlife!! Say NO to the pebble mine 🌎

Read more about it here and help #SaveBristolBay

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