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Sir David Attenborough & Greta Thunberg in conversation LIVE


Last night I had the humbling opportunity to introduce an exclusive conversation between Sir David Attenborough & Greta Thunberg at @wildscreenorg.

Two international figures, generations apart shared their same honest views on what we need to do to make a difference for our future planet.

@davidattenborough spoke about the mentality of ‘It only matters what you do today?’ which for so many of us in our busy lives is part of the problem when trying to wrap our head arounds this much larger global crisis.

@gretathunberg spoke about her concerns around not doing enough and today’s worrying Celebrity culture. She spoke honestly and openly about her sail around the world and also about ‘focusing on the fire’.

I agree that we seem to spend our time debating the short term issues instead of recognising climate change as symptoms of a much bigger planetary crisis.

For me I took away from that conversation that we must not waste another minute! This isn’t new knowledge and the urgency has been clear for some time. However it’s how we as individual, communities, countries change our mindset to think GLOBALLY that will dictate how we move forward from this pandemic.

A massive thank you for to @wildscreenorg for hosting this exclusive conversation and for all of you reading this there’s an exciting announcement later this morning about you watching it too!! 🥳🌍🙌🎥🎉

WATCH HERE & Let me know what you think

L x

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