Successful Skomer Live Series during lockdown! 🙌😱✨

That's a wrap one of my favourite lockdown projects!

14 episodes, way over 1/4 million views, 6500 live webcam footage hours & £110,000 raised for the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales from Skomer Live!!! 🙌😱✨✨✨

Skomer Live is a digital wildlife series & concept thought up largely because I could talk about this little wild welsh island & seabirds until I’m blue in the face 😅 but mostly to celebrate & support the fantastic conservation work of all those involved with Skomer Island!! 🙌✨

The TIRELESS efforts of those conserving Skomer Island is what has kept the island breathing in this difficult time. It’s what has kept Skomer a safe haven for nationally & internationally important bird species. It’s what’s continues to help save our declining species from the brink of extinction! 🐧

I hope you have enjoyed all the episodes, updates & live action over the past few months! A massive THANK YOU to everybody who donated and tuned in!!!! I couldn’t be more proud to have hosted & produced this series and watch this space for 2021!

Remember if you can, please do shout about YOUR WILDLIFE especially in this difficult time. Diolch 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿💙😍🙌🙌

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