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We reached 100,000 signatures!!! 🥳🥳🥳

During lockdown I was part of an online movement in support of the Shark Guardian campaign to ban the import of shark fins in the UK!! ❌🦈🚨

Shark fins are still being imported in the UK! There is a loophole in the UK border system where anyone is allowed to bring in 20kg of shark fins.

Over the past 3 years 85 tonnes of shark fins have been exported into the EU which is the equivalent of 30,000 dead sharks. Let’s set an example and BAN the import here in the UK!

It was a real push of power online and we reached the target signatures needed!! Your voice has meant now the import of shark fins in the UK will be debated by UK parliament! However now the real work begins....

Next Step: Write directly to your MP

We need you now more than ever. As British citizens or UK residents you can write to your MPs asking them to support the petition to completely ban the UK import of shark fins. You can write an email to your MP by selecting and adding key facts and information provided below. You can also order and send our special post cards to your MP! See details below. You can find the contact details for your local MP by clicking on the button below asking them to support the Shark Guardian campaign (Finspire Change UK) and petition #300535 to completely ban the UK import of shark fins.

Read more about it here on the @SharkGuardian website and search for the Finspire Change Campaign


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