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For those who don't know Earth Live Lessons on my @LizzieDalyWildlifeTV YouTube channel are 20 minute bite sized live chunks of nature goodness. The lessons are made up of scientists, world leading conservationists, naturalists, conservation organisations, wildlife filmmakers & TV hosts from across the world!

I started Earth Live Lessons at the beginning of lockdown and not going to lie. I fell in love with every single speaker from the series. Really - each speaker blew my tiny sloth printed socks off. Talks have included everything from volcanoes, venom, deep sea exploration and garden activities to using drones to study Orangutan nests, saving coral reefs, sloths, filming snow leopards and why we should love peat bogs. I really do love peat bogs.

Learn more about these wonderful people, what they do, why they love it and ask questions LIVE throughout. There is no holding back in this series - I am truly opening up the door to everyone and anyone who wants to jump into a world full of strange nature stories and behind the scenes science. 

However being a one woman band - has it's limits and any continued support will go towards all of the above and more to level up the series! I would love the opportunity to upgrade the quality of Earth Live Lessons - jump in on some of these live lessons myself, say hi more often - and extend the series past the lockdown until the end of time itself!

Yes I absolutely love it - that is really what this series is all about however your continued support is hugely appreciated. To learn more about how you can support this project and help fund the series head to my Patreon Page. Plus make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified when we are going live next! 

Thank you so much!

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