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This year, Shark Guardian successfully campaigned to gather over 100,000 signatures on a petition to push for a ban on the 20kg import allowance of shark fins which is a great step in the right direction! You can watch a YouTube video I put together about the loophope and shark finning below....



This issue will soon be debated in Westminster but it is paramount that MP’s are asked to show their support for this ban by attending the debate. Shark Guardian are asking all UK citizens to email, tweet or send a postcard to their MP. MP’s have a duty to represent the interests and concerns of their voters and MP’s will only care if they know that you care.

Visit to find out how YOU CAN E-MAIL YOUR MP NOW! 


#FinspireChangeUK #BanSharkFinUK #SharkGuardian

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Top tips on e-mailing your MP 

1. Make it personal. Feel free to use resources available but do also write in your own words, telling your representative about your own beliefs and experiences. If it's your first time writing, don't forget to introduce yourself and who you are.

2. Include your name and address. They need to know you are a genuine constituent, and to have an address to send a reply to.


3. Be succinct. Your letter doesn’t need to be more than one side of A4

4. Include facts. The Shark Guardian website has listed lots of hard hitting facts about the state of shark finning globally and what needs to be done about it.


5. Let your MP know what you want them to do about it all. E.g. Ask them to speak to their party leaders and ensure the import of shark fins in the UK is banned. 

6. Ask for a response and make sure they know you want to be kept informed about this matter.

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My letter to my MP 

Visit to find out more 


#FinspireChangeUK #BanSharkFinUK #SharkGuardian

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