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My whole world is driven by a life long fascination with nature. At the age of 6 I decided that I wanted to study elephants some day. That burning passion to make an impact both as a scientist and as a storyteller continues to drive me to this day. 

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I have two new wildlife series airing in 2024.

Jaguar Journals (5 x 50 minutes for ‘Love Nature’) follows my journey deep in the south of the Pantanal to uncover the lives of 5 fascinating Jaguars and the scientists that protect them. 

Also airing in 2024 is Deep Dive Australia (3 x 50 minutes for ‘Love Nature’) In this series I circumnavigate around Australia to come face to face with the diverse and charismatic marine life that call this place home. 

Currently I am working on a new series across North America to air in 2025.


After completing my Undergraduate degree at University of Exeter, I wanted to continue my journey as a scientist and so went onto study a Research Masters at Bristol University. I am now completing a part time PhD at Swansea University using tag technology to better understand movements of wild animals in changing landscapes. So far we have deployed tags on African Elephants in Kenya and on a male Jaguar in the Pantanal, Brazil. 


I am also an Academic Teaching and Outreach Fellow at Swansea University.

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Growing up in Wales, often the coast was my playground and so over the years I've grown a real connection with the sea. My love for communicating stories about our oceans has led to being featured in numerous BBC films for BBC One (The One Show) and BBC Wales speaking about Lampreys, Sharks, Conger Eels and more.

Other film credits include Solved, Nature's Greatest Mysteries (Animal Planet), Weatherman Walking (BBC One) 2019, 2020 and 2021 series, Curious Creatures (BBC Two) and Winterwatch (BBC Two).

Live broadcasting credits include hosting National Geographic LIVE Meet the Expert; BBC Live Lessons; Winterwatch LIVE and Blue Planet LIVE Lessons.

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Training to be expedition fit is important!

I have spent a significant amount of time in extreme environments  and on expeditions both personally and professionally.


I have been on numerous expeditions in the Arctic circle, some of which, I completed solo. Experience includes filming Musk Oxen in Norway, Killer whales in Skjervoy and running 140km solo across Finland in the depths of winter. Conditions dropped to -35oC and while there I wrote about the impacts of a changing Arctic environment. 

In 2022 I ventured on a 10 day scientific expedition into the Peruvian Amazon in partnership with Nature Metrics x Exodus


I also have experience in sport climbing, ice climbing, as an ultra runner, HSE qualified scuba diver and freediver.

RYA Powerboat level 2 qualified with International Certificate of Competence. 


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