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VULTURE is a short film dedicated to the Vulture Conservation Foundation who
are made up of an unwavering team of conservationists responsible for bringing back the Bearded Vulture from the edge of extinction.


The Vulture Conservation Foundation was set up in 1978 to help restore natural numbers of this species, and that same year they released 22 Bearded Vultures across France and Spain. Today this breeding programme is still being used to help boost populations of Bearded Vulture across Europe. Lizzie set out to the mountains of Spain to document this charismatic species while sharing the stories of the people responsible for bringing back this species from extinction in this region. The film meets Pakillo Rodriguez who raises Bearded Vulture chicks day in day out throughout the breeding season. We also meet with Alejandro Llopis Dell who has a unique but special relationship with Kazajo, an imprinted male.


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Earth Live Lessons is a self produced YouTube series from 2020. Tune into 20 minutes of daily earth lessons recorded LIVE from around
the world brought to you by
 the most inspiring scientists, conservationists and wildlife filmmakers of today. Lessons all for all ages. 

FOOTPRINTS OF THE FOREST is a short film following a 10-day scientific expedition deep into the Peruvian Amazon to help understand what is currently living in a remote tributary known as Blanquillo, and how this data might be used to protect and benefit both the wildlife and the communities that live alongside it. A visual immersion into the stunning Tamshiyacu Tahuayo community reserve, this expedition first sees this new technology heading deeper into the Peruvian rainforest than ever before. 

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